Our Relationship

  1. JH Holistic Divorce Coaching will provide coaching services with care and skill but the client remains responsible for their decisions and actions.
  2. Sessions will be arranged at mutual convenience. They should not be cancelled on less than 48 hours’ notice.
  3. Should the client wish to speak with Janet at unscheduled times, suitable arrangements need to be made and fees agreed.
  4. Janet will keep confidential what she knows about the client and the client must do the same with what they know about her. Janet will comply with applicable privacy and data protection obligations, assuming the client’s consent to her holding their personal details.
  5. The client is allowed to make use of Janet’s material in relation to their personal benefit from her coaching services but they must not otherwise infringe on her intellectual property rights.
  6. When a client buys a product from Janet’s website or elsewhere they agree to be added to her mailing list and of course can unsubscribe at any time.
  7. Fees will be payable in advance on receipt of invoice. In the event of Janet having to cancel provision of services to the client pre-paid fees for later sessions will be repaid.
  8. The client recognises that no assurance can be given as to what will be achieved and that, except as excluded at law, Janet’s liability is limited to the fees paid by the client.
  9. In engaging Janet to provide coaching services the client agrees to these terms and conditions. Should the client use online courses provided by or on behalf of Janet, further terms and conditions pertaining to online usage will also apply.
  10. Any other aspect of the relationship not hereby covered will be subject to such sensible and reasonable terms and conditions as English law will apply.
  11. The relationship between us is subject to English law and any disagreement will be settled by the English courts, which will have exclusive jurisdiction.