Renew and Rise: Midlife Breakup Retreat



Introducing the Renew and Rise: Midlife Breakup Retreat

Dates: 17 – 21 May  2024 

Join us for a transformative experience at the “Renew and Rise: Midlife Breakup Retreat” where we provide a safe and supportive environment for midlife women who have experienced the challenges of a breakup or divorce. Our retreat is designed to address the emotional issues that often overwhelm women during this stage of life and empower them to move forward with strength and resilience. You will leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated, supported, and equipped with valuable tools to help you move forward in your life with resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Summary of the retreat

In a world where the highest breakup and divorce rates are affecting mid-life women, we recognised a need to organise a retreat to address all the emotional issues that overwhelm so many midlife women. After a break-up, endless questions, memories, reminders and triggers haunt your life. It hurts and fills every inch of your life, leaving no space for any other thought or action. It is so hard to process, yet you know you have to move on.  This retreat focuses on moving on in midlife empowering you to realise that it’s not what happens in life that defines you it’s how you react to it.

The retreat will balance free time with a variety of therapeutic sessions all aimed at recharging and nurturing your emotional and physical health as I strongly believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You will be amongst like-minded women who have experienced the emotional rollercoaster that a breakup causes.  You will be given the opportunity to unburden yourself and share your story with the group or/and in a one-to-one session with Janet.

A three-day,  four-night retreat with sessions each day interspersed with holistic activities which also help with emotional reset.  E.g. walks in the country, yoga Nidra, group chats, wine and food event.


Duration: 3 days, 4 nights

Our retreat offers a carefully curated program that combines therapeutic sessions, holistic activities, and opportunities for personal reflection. We understand that healing is a holistic process, which is why we emphasize the importance of nurturing both emotional and physical well-being. By fostering a healthy body-mind connection, we believe women can find the strength and clarity needed to navigate this challenging phase of life.


Highlights of the retreat:

Therapeutic Sessions: Our experienced facilitator, Janet will expertly lead these sessions, cultivating a secure environment where women can freely express themselves, share their narratives, and receive empathy, guidance, advice, and solidarity from those who have undergone similar journeys.

Janet provides a comprehensive toolkit to empower you in effectively navigating your breakup, regaining control, and crafting the future you desire. Janet’s approach has been proven to accelerate your healing process by addressing challenging emotions head-on, including heartbreak, betrayal, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, angry, sad, or even burdened by guilt.

Holistic Activities: Engage in activities that promote emotional reset and self-care. Enjoy tranquil walks in the countryside, allowing nature to soothe and rejuvenate your spirit. Participate in yoga Nidra sessions, a deeply relaxing and meditative practice that promotes healing and self-awareness.

Group Chats: Connect with like-minded women who have faced similar challenges. Engage in group discussions where you can share insights, exchange advice, and build meaningful connections. These conversations often lead to profound personal growth and a sense of belonging within a supportive community.

One to One private session: To enhance the quality of interactions and ensure greater privacy, each delegate will receive a 30-minute one-on-one session with Janet, individually tailored to each participant, to foster more intimate and confidential conversations.

Wine and Food Event: Indulge in a fun and interactive wine and food event with an expert where you can explore French cuisine, savour delicious flavours, and enjoy the company of newfound friends. This event offers an opportunity to unwind, have fun, and celebrate your journey of renewal.

Throughout the retreat, we provide a balance of scheduled sessions and free time. This allows you to engage in activities that resonate with you individually, ensuring a personalized and empowering experience. You will leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated, supported, and equipped with valuable tools to help you move forward in your life with resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Join us at the “Renew and Rise: Midlife Breakup Retreat” and embrace the opportunity to heal, grow, and create a brighter future. Remember, it’s not what happens in life that defines you, but how you react to it. Let us support you in your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


The aims of the retreat

  • To provide clarity on your personal situation
  • To gain strategies on how to deal with the challenges of breaking up
  • To enable you to be back in control of your emotions
  • To empower you to be in the driving seat of your own life
  • How to deal with negative emotions including feeling heartbroken, betrayed, stuck, overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, angry, sad or even guilty.
  • How to banish heartbreak once and for all
  • To provide perspective on your situation
  • How to let go of your ex
  • How to cope with a toxic ex including a narcissist
  • To provide a tool kit of strategies to enable you to move on with your life
  • How to redesign a future that empowers you to move positively on with your life
  • Rediscover happiness and your passion for life again
  • Achieve a reset of the mind and body via a transformative retreat experience
  • To be nurtured, cared for, and supported by like-minded women


Who should attend

  • Midlife women who have suffered heartbreak, divorce, or separation.   There’s no timescale, you can be going through a breakup or divorce now, or you could already have been divorced or heartbroken in the past but feel you have not been able to come to terms with the emotional fallout. If you are feeling sad and disconnected from daily life and apprehensive and uncertain about your future then this is the retreat for you.  If you feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed by the emotional fallout then this is the retreat for you.

How many can attend

  • Because of the nature of the retreat, it is very important to concentrate on each individual’s emotional needs.  Therefore, the maximum number who can attend is 8 women.  You will be with like-minded women who you will almost certainly become lifelong friends with.

Course Leader

  • Janet Henson is a globally sought-after Divorce & Heartbreak Coach, dedicated to guiding midlife women through one of life’s most traumatic emotional events – divorce and breakup. Janet quest is to banish the stigma that still surrounds divorce and prove that the end of a relationship can be the most empowering, life-changing, and affirming event ever to happen to you. Her coaching experience coupled with her own divorce/breakup experience enabled her to develop coaching programmes designed to help individuals transform their lives by taking control of their minds and equipping them with the strategies and tools they need in order to successfully deal with this major life event enabling them to navigate and cope with their journey with positivity and to confidently transitioning into the next phase of their life.  Janet specialises in breakups involving narcissistic abuse, high conflict, divorce in midlife, and expat divorces.  Janet will deliver all the sessions.

Janet is a highly sought-after Divorce and narcissist Recovery Coach, renowned for her expertise in guiding individuals through the tumultuous journey of divorce and narcissistic abuse. Drawing from her own personal experience and years of coaching, Janet has developed powerful programs that empower men and women to take control of their lives during this transformative phase.

Janet’s mission is to dismantle the societal stigma surrounding divorce and prove that it can be a catalyst for positive change and personal growth. Her coaching equips individuals with the strategies and tools they need to navigate the emotional and practical challenges of divorce & narcissist abuse, enabling them to transition confidently into the next chapter of their lives.

Specialising in divorces involving narcissistic abuse, high-conflict situations, later-life divorces, and expat divorces, Janet’s expertise ensures that her clients receive tailored guidance for their unique circumstances. Her coaching programs instill a sense of empowerment, helping individuals develop a positive mindset and cope effectively with the complexities of divorce.

Janet’s compassionate approach, coupled with her comprehensive coaching programs, provides clients with the support, guidance, and resilience they need to heal and rebuild. By working with Janet, individuals can emerge from divorce stronger, more self-assured, and ready to embrace a fulfilling future.

Janet’s coaching is a beacon of hope for those going through divorce and narcissistic abuse, offering a transformative journey toward a brighter and more empowered life.

  • The retreat is being held at Honor’s, Honor is building a name for herself as a champion and supporter of midlife women. Her skill is bringing people together and creating new connections and friendships that matter.
  • Despite her life plot twists, she keeps bouncing back. Nothing is going to keep her down. Her motivation as a single parent is to be that role model to her daughter to show her that women not only have a voice but can have it all!


Maison de La Roche is in the heart of Ferrals les Corbieres, a rural village, in the Aude within the Languedoc Rousillon, France.  Consisting of three charming gites in an amazing setting – We have all the gites privately for the retreat. Find out more at  (this link is for information only, as all accommodation bookings are included in your fee).


17 – 21 May 2024.  Arriving on a Friday evening 17 May night and leaving on a Tuesday morning 21st May.

What’s included

  • Accommodation and food.  Accommodation will be in the three gites. There is a mixture of 4 single occupancy rooms plus 4 sharing a twin-bedded room.   A three-day, four-night retreat with sessions each day interspersed with holistic activities which also help with emotional reset.  E.g., walks in the country, yoga Nidra, group chats, wine, and food event.     A breakup Recovery and Action Plan Worksheets.
  • Group daily sessions
  • A one-to-one private session of 30 minutes with Janet.
  • Tea and coffee
  • Breakfast for 4 days
  • Lunch for 3 days
  • Dinner with wine for 3 nights
  • Lots of Laughter

What’s excluded

    • Travel, flights, and transfers to and from the venue
    • Travel Insurance


Investment – Retreat

Per person single occupancy of a bedroom £1699 – 50% deposit of £849.50.  Final payment £849.50

Per person sharing twin room £1399 – 50% deposit of 699.50. Final Payment £699.50

Deposit due on booking and final payment due on or before 5 April 2024.



Do I have to attend all the sessions?

  • Yes – The sessions have been carefully designed to support your emotional wellbeing and enable you to move forward with your life.
    If walking is a problem, then we understand this but it will be at a very comfortable pace and mostly flat. The Yoga is Yoga Nidra which literally means yogic sleep.  It is an ancient technique where you enter the deep states of conscious relaxation.  It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world. In Yoga Nidra, you are guided to lie down comfortably. It holds immense benefits for all those who struggle to let go, those who suffer from lack of sleep, trauma, burn-out, and anxiety. It is also highly beneficial and holds great healing power for anyone who wants to experience a deeper sense of peace and reconnect more profoundly with themselves.

Can I attend part of the weekend?

  • Unfortunately, no, due to the way the retreat sessions are structured, if you wish to attend the retreat then you will need to commit to all the days.

Will transport be provided to and from the venue?

  • Whilst all your needs will be catered for on arrival, we are unable to provide transport to and from the venue. However, we will provide detailed transport details, including from airports, the train stations, and driving.
  • Flights – you need to book your own flights.

Booking , Terms & Payments Policy

  • All bookings are made via my website
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price at the time of booking.
  • The deposit is non-refundable.
  • Final and balance payments are due strictly 42 days prior to your official program start date. Once this is paid there is no refund at all without exception,
  • You can book via the website and pay with PayPal or credit card via PayPal
  • If preferable you can pay via bank transfer, the final transfer must be made with enough time for the funds to show 42 days ( 5th April 2023) before the retreat start date. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact me for bank details
  • Please note that by booking and attending the retreat you are accepting my terms and conditions which you can find at


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