Guide to Coping with Separating & Starting a Divorce



Is this Guide for YOU?

If you are at the stage when you are just separating or just starting a divorce then this course is THE guide for you.

I have been there and this the guide that I would have so so wished I had.  I was in complete overwhelm – the elephant in the room was huge.

The beginning of what is and will be a big life change is so overwhelming and daunting that you are probably in a state of overwhelm.

This guide is to help you come to terms with what is the second most traumatic event of your life.

I personally will never forget the day I realised my life was never going to be the same again.

I liken it to being hit by a train, a deer in headlights.  I began a rollercoaster journey with my emotions running wild and out of control.

This guide is something I would have found so invaluable when I was first hit by the freight train.

The guide is packed with all the strategies you will need to get through these difficult times and cross the bridge over emotionally troubled waters.  This guide holds you hand as you cross the waters to enable you to function, cope down dial the emotions and come safely over the bridge.


Course Overview

The course is a downloadable 34-page E-Book guide.  Once you have purchased the guide you will immediately receive an email with a link to download the guide.  You will have instant access upon purchase (please check your junk folder if the email does not appear in your inbox!)


What the Guide covers

  • Realise its ok to have different feelings and emotions
  • Understand the ‘Grief Cycle’ you will experience and how you will feel and why
  • How to give yourself a break and how to function
  • The importance of physical exercise in a breakup
  • The importance of me time
  • How to inform (not not) friends about your breakup
  • How to inform children and help them cope
  • How to let your emotions out
  • The importance and benefits of crying with heightened emotions
  • The Brain and embracing uncertainty in a Divorce
  • The importance of a Divorce Team and who is in the team and why
  • Why a gratitude list is an important part of coping


Guide investment

  • £15 – priced to help as many as possible cope with this stressful event




Downloadable Guide to coping with the impact of separating and starting a divorce

Downloadable E-Book

Your complete guide to coping with the impact of just separating and starting a Divorce