JH Holistic Divorce &
Narcissistic Recovery Coach

My name is Janet and I am the lead coach at JH Holistic Divorce and Narcissistic Recovery Coach

Divorce is ranked as the second most traumatic event you can go through in life. Having been through one of my own, I fully understand the impact ending a marriage can have on your health, emotional well-being, and life in general.

I have also experienced first-hand Narcissistic abuse and deeply understand the devastation this traumatic abuse causes.

Your Personal Guide – taking care of the emotional journey – your bridge over troubled emotional waters.

My role is to act as your personal guide, offering support and guidance as you transition into your new and improved life. My ultimate aim is to assist you to design a new life that allows you to move forward and find happiness again.

My unique approach focuses on harmonising the mind and body working together. This holistic approach will enable you to operate and recover at full capacity. I used this holistic approach during my own divorce and narcissistic abuse and have hugely benefitted from it; so much so, that it gave me a new passion and prompted my career change into Divorce and Narcissistic Recovery Coaching.

Via an accredited Divorce Coaching program I gained the tools, techniques, and advice needed to navigate and better cope with the process of divorce and narcissistic abuse.

Early Career

My earlier career was as an award-winning marketing researcher in the Pharmaceuticals industry.

The skills I developed during this period of my life have been invaluable in my coaching career. Highly experienced in interviewing techniques and people management, I am able to tailor my approach so that each client receives a bespoke style of coaching to best suit their personality and requirements.

Divorce in Later Life

My divorce came later in life; this is in line with the rising trend for divorces in older age groups. In the USA in 2017 the divorce rate for over 50s had doubled since the 1990. For those 65 and older, the divorce rate tripled between 1990 and 2015.

Divorce in later life can be a truly frightening experience, particularly in terms of financial stability; and while there may not be child custody issues to contend with, you may find that your grown children can be heavily affected. While just as traumatic, the implications of a divorce in later life differ from those in earlier years. Things like financial security and companionship become bigger issues.