10 tips to down dial Divorce Stress and Anxiety with Holistic Nutrition

Stress and Anxiety in a breakup or divorce are present even in the friendliest of divorces. They are debilitating conditions that upset the balance of our hormones. This leads to a loss of our wellbeing and performance. A healthy body is a healthy mind, so it is important to look after your nutrition to down dial the negative effects of stress in your life. Stress and Anxiety impair the immune system which leaves us more likely to be ill they also impairs your ability to rest and relax, and most importantly affects your decision making.

Here are 10 tips to down dial:

  1. Stay hydrated with water – dehydration can lead to headaches, indecision, lack of mental clarity and general tiredness.
  2. Cut back on spicy, oily and rich foods as they take a lot more of our energy to digest.
  3. Never skip meals as under stress the body and mind need more fuel to perform optimally.
  4. Drink Green Tea – Research Shows that Green Tea Can Relieve Stress, one study showed that if you drink five cups of green tea each day, you may reduce occurrences of psychological distress by up to 20%.
  5. Avoid eating too much at one time or late at night. The lighter the food and the earlier you eat the better you sleep.
  6. Cut back on carbohydrates (breads, cakes, pasta etc.) as these give short bursts of energy but little nutritional value.
  7. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake as they stimulate the central nervous system that affects the body in different ways and can often result in stress as a side effect due to the stimulation.
  8. Because of the effect stress and anxiety have on the adrenal system it is important to replenish the adrenals with regular intake of protein.
  9. Make sure you eat vegetables as they have a rich nutrient content, dark green ones are particularly useful as they are high in magnesium which supports the nervous system and also helps with replenishing adrenals.
  10. Eat smaller meals as they aid digestion and absorption and help keep sugar levels balanced.